Our concept is simple and allows any sized winery to enter into the Sparkling Wine market, without the large capital investment typically required. We are offering four different methods of Sparkling Wine:

  • Méthode Traditionnelle (Tirage, Riddling and Disgorging)
  • Charmat
  • Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel)
  • Carbonated Wines

Méthode Traditionnelle

We have the expertise and equipment to produce your Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling Wines. Weather we come to you or you come to us; it's your choice! We are able to take you from grapes or base wine, through your final package. We are happy to supply all the material or use yours.


We have five 7 BAR Charmat tanks available for you Sparkling wine project.

Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel)

Becoming more popular, this style is gaining traction among the hipsters. We can do it in bottle for the  traditional style with sediment. Or, we can finish primary fermentation in a 7 BAR tank and rack it off or filter it to your turbidity preference. 

Carbonated Wines

The most economical and fastest way to produce a wine with bubbles. Again, we can come to you or you can come to us. We have brite tanks for your frizzante and 7 BAR tanks for you full on sparklers. 

Custom Crush/Winemaking/Consulting/Canning

We have partnered with The Wine Foundry to handle our crush needs. We can handle everything for you and produce your sparkling wine from your grapes.

Work with Craig and Eric to design and produce the wine you want.

Working with The Can Van, we can facilitate your Sparkling Wine Can projects